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There are many different styles and options in Photo Booths today, including building them yourself.


In choosing the model I did, I looked for features that not only benefited me as an operator/owner, but also benefited you, the customer who will actually use the booth along with your guests. The most important features are:

set up.jpeg


The booth is surrounded by a curtain which allows easy, unobstructed access for all guests, including those that may require extra room for wheelchair accessibility. There are two different curtain set ups: One with no additional supports can easily fit up to 6 people and has the smallest footprint.


The larger curtain, has two additional support legs and can easily fit up to 10 guests. It also has an additional cross member which allows for colored back drops including green screen pictures.

Think more guests might want to get in?  Not a problem!  Curtains can easily be moved!


Although the booth comes in 4 pieces, once assembled, all 4 pieces are securely bolted together.


Combined with an extra wide support board attached to the bottom piece, the booth is sturdy and difficult to tip over.


The top section of the booth contains 4, 100 watt daylight bulbs (spares are always with us) to ensure a well lit booth area no matter how dark the corner of the room might be.


Finally, the curtain ends a good 18” from the floor.  This is done intentionally to prevent accidental tripping or even accidental tipping over the booth.

set up1.jpeg


The electronics of the booth are perhaps the most important feature to consider, as they determine how good the quality is on the only item your guest leaves with -- the picture!


These expensive devices are of the highest quality to ensure not only a quality print, but also a high quality digital copy which can be printed out at a later time.

The camera is a Canon 18 mega pixel Digital SLR, This style of camera is often used by professional wedding photographers.


The printer itself cost almost $1000.00 and is a high quality dye-sublimation printer -- the same type used in some photo labs. One very nice feature of this style printer is that a laminate over coating is thermally applied to the print which protects it from discoloration from UV light, and also make the print water resistant.
Finally, the booth comes equipped with a 24" inch touch screen that the guest sees and interacts with, and a well
equipped laptop.. The software, designed especially for the photo booth, is licensed with the most current updates applied. The software allows for many options, including:

Green screen pictures, different designs for picture strips, personalized welcome screens, and more.

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